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Meet our LIG and CoI Leaders
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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,

do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams


Thank you, LIG and CoI Leaders, for all you contribute to itSMF USA.

We wouldn't be able to do it without you!


Community of Interest Groups

Cobit CoI
We are currently looking for a Manager and Assistant. If interested, please contact us.

Continuous Improvement CoI
Heather Marzano, Manager
Lindsey Ayers, Assistant Manager
Cyber Resilience CoI
We are currently looking for a Manager and Assistant. If interested, please contact us.
DevOps/Agile CoI
John Clipp, Manager 
Hope Station, Assistant Manager
Higher Ed CoI
Edward Gray, Manager
Mitch Pautz, Assistant Manager

Incident Management CoI 
We are currently looking for a Manager and Assistant. If interested, please contact us.
Problem Management CoI 
John Clipp, Manager
Local Interest Groups

Chuck Wysocki, President

Donna Woodruff, President Elect
Mindi Crozier, Power Volunteer
Karen Jenkins, Secretary
Troy Olson, Awards Chair
Luciano Dalla Venezia, Comm. Chair
Bob Rice, Events Chair
Dan Noyd, Vendor Liaison
David Traynor, Volunteer Chair
 Karl Bietsch, Past President



Local Interest Groups


Chris Warren, President
Tom Herrmann, Secretary
 Nori De Jesus, Event Chair
 Adam Chandler, President
 Robert Mueller, Vice President
 Gail Levitsky, Secretary
 Michel Nagy, Events chair

 Dallas - Fort Worth

 Jeff Schadt, President
Michael Caruso, President Elect
Michael Gribbins, Secretary
Vincent Gaines, Membership
Kristine Smith, President
Mohit Kalra, President Elect
Andy Pfannestiel, Secretary
Laurie Walker, Past President

Great Lakes 
Dush Fernando, President
Mark Seyka, President Elect
 Kelly Wilcox, Secretary
Heartland - Bloomington
Marko Johnson, President-Elect
Bill Pence, Secretary
Mike Walsh, Membership Chair
Alan DeCrane, Communications Chair
Ron Nelson, Past President
Indiana University Student LIG
Sriram Hariharakrishnan, President
Utkarsh Umesan Pillai, VP Treasury & Cert
Ujjwal Vaish, VP Marketing & Comm
Prachi Mittal, VP Knowledge

Kansas City
Greg Rowe, President



Local Interest Groups


Los Angeles 
Ray Ybarra, President  
Jim Thomas, Past President 
Irma Shirvanian, Vice President 
Mark Galligan, Vice President 
Roc Paez, Vice President 
Barbara Rotondo, Secretary
Paul Dooley, Communications  
Jim Flores, Sponsorship
Mannie Lomeli, Membership

N Dakota - Fargo
Jeremy Ostrowski - President 
Ohio Valley 
Brian Murphy, President
Jay Lescoe, Past President
Erma Fritsche, Secretary
Rheanna Miller, Events
Lisa Hodges, Sponsorship
Robert Meyer, Member at Large
Glenn Jarvis, Communications
Brittany Clawson, Communications
Lorie Wilson, President 
San Francisco
Kalyan Balakrishnan, President
Hardeep Singh, President Elect
Steve Smith, Past President 
Ivan Erdos, Secretary
Dawn Khan, Communications 
St. Louis Gateway
Kirk Garten, President

Steve Kauffmann, President Elect

 Finy Matthews, Communication Chair
Tampa Bay - Orlando
Matt Hooper, President 
Amanda Matthews, President Elect 
 Washington DC - Nation's Capital
John Clipp, President
Vikas Kumar,  President-Elect
 Joseph Ludwig, Events


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